Clemson University researchers team up with fabric maker

January 2, 2015


Scott Mason, left, visits the Glen Raven Custom Fabrics Facility in Anderson, where student Katie Phillips works as part of a co-op and Randy Blackston is vice president for operations.

Scores of weaving machines created a deafening roar as a Clemson University team watched taut strands of yarn turn into neat rolls of fabric that will become outdoor furniture, convertible tops and a variety of other products.

Researchers from Clemson’s industrial engineering department were visiting Glen Raven Custom Fabrics’ facility as part of an ongoing project that is helping the company operate more efficiently.

The team has developed computer simulations that have helped suggest new equipment purchases and ways of preventing back-ups. The simulations help the company change tack to adapt to changing business conditions, such as an increase in orders or the addition of new inspection machines. Read Full Story »

, College of Engineering and Science

January 2, 2015