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Khademi formulates plan to address HIV epidemic in Africa

Amin-KhademiDr. Amin Khademi’s research on AIDS prevention in Africa is featured in the November 2015 edition of the AIDSFree Prevention Update, a monthly newsletter summarizing seminal articles across HIV prevention topics. The feature highlights Khademi’s paper entitled “Measuring the Potential Impact of Combination HIV Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa” that was published in the September edition of Medicine. The paper, co-authored by researchers David Potts and Sunanth Anand, impacts the AIDS research and treatment community by proposing a novel strategy to systematically educate the citizens of Africa and to treat those infected with HIV. Khademi dedicates the work to research team member, Sunanth Anand, a Clemson graduate student who passed away in spring 2015.

According to Khademi, “Our work closely examines the implications of universal access to treatment along with HIV education scale-up in the region.” The results of the research indicate that a combined approach to addressing the HIV epidemic in Africa is significantly more effective than a singular approach. Implementing a strategy to treat HIV as well as intervening with an educational program has the potential to dramatically reduce the incidence, prevalence, and mortality rates when implemented over a 15 year period. View Article >>