‘Student favorite’ caps semester with teaching award

May 7, 2015

Sandra Eksioglu

Sandra Eksioglu

Anyone wondering why Sandra Eksioglu of Clemson University was able to cap her spring semester with a teaching award ought to read the letters from her former students.

One called her a “student favorite,” and another remembered going to her home to eat Turkish food with family and friends.

While “Dr. Sandra’s” courses are challenging, she cares deeply about students, helping them succeed academically and professionally, even after they complete her classes, according to the letters.

In all, nine letters from former students went to the American Association of Engineering Education, all calling for Eksioglu to win the ASEE Southeastern Section Outstanding Mid-Career Teaching Award.

It worked. She recently returned from Gainesville, Florida, where she picked up her award.

“I feel great, I feel valued,” Eksioglu said in an interview.

The award recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to engineering or engineering technology education through outstanding classroom performance. Read Full Story »

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