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Andrew Kinder, retiree – July 13, 2024

Andrew Kinder passed away on July 13, 2024.

Kinder began his Clemson career on February 15, 1964, retiring as a county extension agent, senior associate for Florence County in January 1995. He retired with 30 ears, 11 months and 22 days of service to the University.

His obituary will be shared when available.

Employee Shout-outs – July 17, 2024

Susan Keck, Accountant/Fiscal Analyst II, Agricultural Sciences 

“Susan deserves a prize for the efforts she has made in implementing Concur in her department. She strives to serve with patience and excellent customer service while also following policy set out by the University.” – Anonymous

Kevin Burkett, Extension Associate. Assistant Director Ag Tax School, CPA, Sandhill Research & Education Center

“Kevin reached out to me for assistance with his plans for developing a series of documents and their need to meet the success criteria for digital accessibility. Kevin took the time to apply my detailed instructions over several email exchanges, resulting in his independence in creating digitally accessible documents. Kevin sets a great example of welcoming change to complete the work ahead of us—not only in digital accessibility compliance but also in embracing change in general. Thank you, Kevin, for your willingness to learn, making my job easy, and investing in making important Extension information available to everyone.” – Walker Massey, Document Accessibility Specialist

Brooke Sunshine, Sr. Manager, Human Resources Customer Service

“Brooke is a beloved member of the Office of Human Resources. Every single person who works with her absolutely adores her. I am the lucky person who gets to have her as my supervisor, and she is supportive, encouraging, helpful, and all the other positive adjectives describing what a good leader should be. She truly cares about her employees, and wants to see us thrive and grow. I am so grateful for our sweet Brooke and I hope she knows how appreciated she is!” – Julie Buhr, HR Customer Service Representative

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Employee Shout-outs – July 10, 2024

Dionne Holt, Assistant Director for Personnel Administration, Clemson Home

“Dionne is a superstar! She goes above and beyond to collaborate with and support others. Her impact is far-reaching and positive!” – Mary Erin Morrissey, Director of Inclusive Excellence Initiatives and Engagement, Finance and Operations

Levi Roach, Outreach and Operations Management, PEER & WISE

“Levi is a dedicated and passionate community builder. He is a strong advocate for others, and is persistent in creating positive spaces and opportunities for community growth. He is a great asset to the university.” – Anonymous

Emilee Mayo, HR Service Manager, Office of Human Resources

“For her hard work and dedication to the College of Business. Emily goes above and beyond to ensure that administrative functions and tasks are completed with accuracy and in a timely manner. She takes the time to teach other admins the proper way to complete many of the HR tasks and is an integral part of the COB team. She is consistently sought out for her expertise and should be recognized for going above and beyond to ensure that COB employees, faculty and staff, are taken care of.” – Eric Bamberg, HR Payroll Liaison, College of Business

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Jane Turbeville, retiree – July 7, 2024

Rebecca Jane Parsons Turbeville, 78, of Hickory, passed away on July 7, 2024.

Turbeville began her Clemson career on May 18, 1973, serving the University for more than 33 years before retiring in 2006 as an administrative coordinator for the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences Associate Dean for Research. She returned to work twice after retirement for a total of more than 35 years of service.

There will be a graveside service for the family. Her full obituary is available online.

Denise Ludlow, retiree – July 1, 2024

Denise Ludlow, 64, of Anderson, passed away on July 1, 2024.

She began her Clemson career on June 17, 1996, and retired in 2015 as a senior applications analyst in CCIT after more than 18 years of service. 

A memorial mass will be held July 20, 2024, at 1 p.m., at St. Joseph’s Church 1200 Cornelia Rd, Anderson, S.C., followed by a gathering of friends and family in the Parish Hall.

Her obituary is available online.

Daniel Warner, Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences

Daniel Warner, Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences, passed away over the weekend.

Warner began his Clemson career on August 15, 1979, retiring in 2015 after nearly 36 years of service. He returned to work in a part-time position for another year. In addition to his time as a professor, he served as president of Faculty Senate and was active in the Emeritus College.

His online obituary will be shared when available.

Employee Shout-outs – July 3, 2024

Amy Ashley, Lab Manager/Chemist II, Fertilizer Regulatory and Certification Services

“Amy shows up early, hits the work hard, engages to solve problems, and performs with admirable integrity! The Fertilizer Lab functions at a high level to serve SC farmers and wouldn’t be the same without her incredible efforts.” – Shannon Alford, Director of Analytical Laboratories, Regulatory Services

Tracy Foss, Michelle Gareri and the Clemson Home Administration Team

“This team has done an excellent job managing First-year and Bridge sign-ups! Getting your room and your meal plan settled are BIG steps in the journey to becoming a Tiger and they handle it so well!” – Anonymous

Kate Dieringer, Conservator, Warren Lasch Conservation Center

“I want to give a shout out to my friend and colleague Kate Dieringer, objects conservator at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center. Her hard work and dedication to conservation and her skills in project management have brought many successful projects to the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in North Charleston. Kate is doing great things for the field of conservation!” – Anonymous

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Lawrence ‘Larry’ Nix, Professor Emeritus of Forestry and Natural Resources – April 17, 2024

Lawrence “Larry” Nix,  Professor Emeritus of Forestry and Natural Resources, passed away on April 17, 2024. 

He began his Clemson career on October 1, 1973, retiring in 2002 before serving as a professor for another five years.

Nix received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Mississippi State University, where he majored in forestry with an emphasis on the physiology of forest trees. In 1974, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.