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Employee Shout-Outs – April 16, 2024

Jenna Tucker Grogan,  Assistant Director, UPIC Program

“In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the UPIC Program, we extend our sincerest gratitude to Jenna Tucker Grogan. Jenna’s unwavering dedication and genuine care for her students have left an indelible mark on her UPIC internship sites. Jenna’s talents, coupled with her kindness and supportiveness, have made her an invaluable member of the UPIC team, and we deeply appreciate all that she does.” – Anonymous

Zack Flathmann, Director of Business Intelligence

“While on a recent bike ride in the Clemson / Central area, Zack discovered an elderly lady who had fallen off her bike. Realizing that she had a head injury, Zack immediately offered emergency assistance that likely improved her chances for recovery and possibly saved her life.” – Anonymous

Wendy Baldwin & many dedicated staff from facilities, Project Manager, CECAS

“Ms. Wendy Baldwin has been working with the staff from the facility in the past few months, they have done lots of work to upgrade AMRL. With their dedication and hard work, AMRL has been elevated to a whole new level. We all appreciate their great work!” – Anonymous

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Caroline R. Deer, student

Caroline R. Deer, 20, passed away on Sunday, April 14. She was a senior genetics major from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

“Our hearts go out to Caroline’s family and friends during this difficult time,” says Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Chris Miller. “We hope for peace and healing to those who knew her best as they grieve her tragic passing.”

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is providing grief counseling to students. Any student who wants to speak to a counselor should contact CAPS at 864-656-2451. After-hours counseling is available by calling 864-656-2451 and selecting option 2 from the menu.

Counseling services are also available to faculty and staff through ComPsych, the University’s Employee Assistance Program provider, at 866-365-0813.

Employee Shout-outs – April 9, 2024

Lindsay Grieshop, E&G Business Officer, CECAS Business Office

“A HUGE thank you to Lindsay for her hard work and extraordinary effort toward FY25 budget development. Her dedication certainly does not go unnoticed and I appreciate all she does for CECAS and her colleagues!” –  Maddy Polyasko, Financial Business Manager; School of Computing

Tonya Monroe, Account/Fiscal Analyst II, Interdisciplinary Studies

“If Tonya does not have the answer she WILL chase it down and does not rest until she does! She handles all job duties with a steadfast, forthright attitude that is greatly appreciated and endlessly valued by all!”  -Anonymous

Janet Hendricks, Office Manager, Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Janet does lots of work for the ECE department including help with hiring faculty, staff and postdocs, get office space and lab space ready for all of them. She is kind, thoughtful, experienced and great to work with.” – Anonymous

Employee Shout-outs – April 2, 2024

Portia Mitchum, Student Services Adviser, Department of Mechanical Engineering

“As a leader in the student services office, she has created an environment where students feel welcome. Portia’s ability to connect with students personally and her deep understanding of the ME program and the students’ needs has made her an invaluable asset. Portia has exceptional dedication, creativity, and genuinely cares for the students. She is a resource to other advisors who do not the experience that she does. We are lucky to have such a smart, witty, team player as part of the Mechanical Engineering department.” – Anonymous

  • Marieke Van Puyembroeck, Associate Dean for Professional Development, Health and Well-being
  • Jenny Presgraves, Director of Professional Development and Well-Being
  • Misty Stewart, Director of Graduate Student Success
  • Cairen Withington, Director of Program Review and Effectiveness
  • Kelsey Loftus, Business Analyst
  • Bob Freeman, Graduate Standards Coordinator
  • Jessica Zagorski, Director of Admissions
  • Rebecca Towe, Administrative Coordinator
  • Taylor Marin Matthews-Naylor, Domestic Admissions Coordinator

“This group volunteered to be on the Graduate School’s Conference of Southern Graduate Schools’ hosting team, and they produced a conference so great we are still getting congratulatory emails from attendees!” – John Lopes, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

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Jean Woody Tulli, retiree, March 21, 2024

Jean Tulli, 93, of Central, S.C., passed away on March 21, 2024.

Hired on September 19, 1997, Jean worked at Clemson for more than 18 years before retiring as a continuing education training coordinator in June 1996.

A memorial service honoring her life will take place at Clemson United Methodist Church on Friday, April 5, at 11 a.m. with visitation at 10 a.m. 

Jean Tulli’s obituary is available online.

Employee Shout-outs – March 26, 2024

Kate Price, Administrative Assistant, Department of Genetics and Biochemistry

Our department is simultaneously running a faculty search for two positions and our grad student recruitment and Kate has organized travel and scheduling for approximately 30 people over the past month. She deserves a shout-out for her amazing work in getting this all setup. Thank you, Kate! – Anonymous

Tara Stone, Communications Specialist, Marketing and Communications for CCIT

Tara has done amazing design work across different needs and is immensely appreciated. So glad to work alongside her and to see her excellent work! – Bailey Troutman, Associate Director of CCIT Communications

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