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Parking amid summer construction

Campus parking

By Jackie Todd, Office of Media Relations

The availability of parking remains steady, even in the wake of many construction projects of Clemson’s main campus, according to Dan Hofmann, Clemson’s director of Parking and Transportation Services.

Hofmann said that although the construction has displaced parking spots near some of the construction sites, Parking and Transportation Services has relocated spots to nearby areas on campus to offset the loss.

“We’re working for a ‘one-lost to one-gained ratio or a net-zero impact,” he explained.

The director of Parking and Transportation Services is also exploring ways to add new spaces and repurpose existing spaces for employee use in existing parking lots. To mitigate the loss of 30 employee parking spots in the Hendrix area during the ongoing Sheep Barn construction, a number of metered spaces on Energy Drive  (near Calhoun Courts) will be converted to employee spaces. Outside Byrnes Hall, some unused carpool-designated spaces will transition to employee spaces. Other faculty and staff parking options include the old gravel lot (E-21), the gravel parking area behind Calhoun Courts, and commuter parking in the C-1 lot.

“While it is posted on the parking permit guidelines, a lot of faculty and staff may not realize that they can park in commuter student spaces with their employee permit,” said Hofmann.

Other areas where faculty and staff will see more parking is the lot near the Strom Thurmond Institute, where an additional 25 employees will be available. An additional eight spaces in the parking area outside Newman Hall and an additional six employee spots have already been added in the Lee Hall parking lot.

The East Library parking lot will see improvements this summer with the repaving of the entire lot, installation of energy-saving LED lighting and an electric charging station. The lot will also gain three additional employee spaces.

Hofmann said that at the end of the summer, the campus will offer 40 additional employee spaces and new parking opportunities are in the works. The new Snow Family Outdoor Recreation Center, once complete, will include a 350-space parking lot.  The new football operations center is anticipated to include a 200-space parking lot.

Finally, those who travel on Highway 76 can see the ongoing construction of a 650-space lot. “This lot is being built to help support the Douthit Hills project,” said Hofmann. “However, over the next couple of years, it will be used for various purposes including overflow parking for resident students and as a park and ride option for employees and students.”

For up-to-date information and announcements about Parking and Transportation on campus, visit the Parking and Transportation Services webpage.