Vending Committee is accepting fund requests

May 8, 2018

By Erin M. Thomas
Business Officer

Every soda, juice, candy bar and pack of crackers purchased from a campus vending machine has the potential to benefit your department.

Each year, a portion of Clemson’s vending machine revenues is allocated to fund activities not normally supported by departmental operating budgets. Clemson’s Vending Committee accepts requests for vending committee funds and awards these funds during its June meeting.

Any department or recognized university organization may request funds for specific activities – no blanket allocations are made and funds are not intended to supplement inadequate operating budgets. Vending funds cannot be used for alcoholic beverages. According to the Budget Office Policies and Procedures Manual, “priority will be given to local activities that enhance the intellectual and cultural life of the community.”

Complete the vending request web form application here.

Requests can be submitted between May 7 and June 8.

-Requests should include itemized funding dollar amounts requested along with a summary explanation of the intended use of funds.
-Requests from academic departments will be communicated back to each Budget Center Business Office for final approval.
-Requests from student organizations should be channeled through Student Government and then will be communicated back to the Student Affairs Business Office for final approval.

Funds allocated in a fiscal year must be spent during that fiscal year. Any unspent funds by fiscal year end will be returned to the Vending Committee account.

Budget Center Business Officers will be sent a letter in June informing them of whether the requested funds were approved or denied.

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