Giving Back: Ashley Cribb

April 12, 2021

Alumna Ashley Cribb looks back on her time at Clemson with great fondness, which inspired her generous gift. A 2004 marketing major, she was actively engaged as a student participating in the Clemson Student Alumni  Association, Blue Key and the Clemson Singers, a mixed voice vocal ensemble. She remembers her time planning for Tigerama and taking long walks around campus before graduation to “soak it all up”. Cribb’s Clemson experience cannot be summarized by one lasting memory, but rather the collection of memories and continued ‘Clemson Family’ experiences that she still enjoys today. 

Post-graduation, Ashley worked in B2B sales for Dow Chemical, a job she landed when Dow hosted a competitive project in her Strategic Marketing class, and has remained in the chemical manufacturing B2B industry ever since. She currently serves as the Senior Director of Strategy and Development at Sherwin-Williams in Cleveland, OH. Cribb finds the world of sales to be highly rewarding as she has the opportunity to understand and fulfill a variety of customer needs. Her long-term career goal is to continue to help drive and influence organizations through marketing strategy, especially on the industrial side. “While someday I aspire to take on the responsibilities and title of Chief Marketing Officer, what I’m really focused on now is making a difference through marketing strategy and helping organizations mobilize around that.” 

Recently, Cribb made an important commitment to her alma mater by establishing the Ashley L. Cribb ’04 Marketing Annual Scholarship which directs much needed financial support to  Clemson students majoring in Marketing. The Department, its students, faculty and staff celebrate this generous gift and are grateful for the support and the opportunities that it affords current and future students. When asked what inspired her generous gift, Ashley credits her  success to Clemson, “the great experiences I’ve enjoyed both personally and professionally  wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been pushed by my Marketing professors and  encouraged to aim high.” Her personal story motivated her generosity, as she wants to help in giving the next generation of students an experience similar to what she had. 

One favorite ‘Clemson Family’ experience Cribb shares involves her Clemson class ring. While  on a trip in Chicago, she was in a restaurant and noticed an older gentleman wearing an  orange shirt and gold ring. She asked her waiter to inquire if the man was a Clemson graduate.  After confirming he indeed was a proud Clemson alumnus, the two enjoyed sharing stories from  their time at Clemson. Even though they were from different generations, the common bond of  the Clemson experience provided an instant connection. “There really is something in those hills, and I think you begin to appreciate that even more the further you get away from it.” 

The Ashley L. Cribb ’04 Marketing Annual Scholarship is critical to help cover books, tuition and financial aid for marketing students who might not otherwise be able to afford to continue their Clemson education. If you have interest in making an impact on the lives of Clemson Marketing students, please contact our Department Chair Dr. Jennifer Siemens at or make your gift now by clicking on the “Give Now” button at the top of this newsletter.