2017-2018 Graduate Student Graduates

August 10, 2018

Spring 2017 Semester

Luke Giberson (PhD)

Advisor: Kevin James

Dissertation: “A Tour Through Frobenius Distributions of Elliptic Curves”

Currently at the National Security Agency

Brandon Goodell (PhD)

Advisor: Jim Coykendall

Dissertation: “Assessing Non-Atomicity in Group of Divisibility”

Currently at Monero Research Lab/Postdoc. Researcher


Sherli Koshy Chenthittayil (PhD)

Advisor: Elena Dimitrova

Dissertation: “Chaos to Permanence: Through Control Theory”

Currently at Postdoc. Fellow/Univ. of Connecticut

Sanjog Kulkarni (MS)

Advisor: William Bridges

Project Defense: “Worker’s Compensation Claims-Data Analysis”

Currently a High School Math Teacher/Aldine ISD/Houston, TX

Drew Lipman (PhD)

Advisor: Michael Burr

Dissertation: “Normal Domains Arising from Graph Theory”

Currently at Hyper Giant (R&D Company)/Austin, TX

Jared Miller (MS)

Advisor: Hyesuk Lee

Project Defense: “Physical Simulation of Fluid Poroelastic Structure Interactions”



Stephen Peele (MS)

Advisor: Wayne Goddard

Project Defense: “Signal Decompositions via Kernel Computations: Computational Aspects and Connections to Homology”

Currently at Lecturer in Math. Sciences/Clemson University

Md. Sakhawat Hossain (MS)

Advisor: William Bridges

Project Defense: “Methods of Variables Selection for Binary Logistic Regression of Pima Indian Diabetes Data”

Currently at PhD Math Student/Texas Tech. University

Summer 2017

Ryan Grove (PhD)

Advisor: Timo Heister

Dissertation: “Discretetizations and Efficiently Linear Solvers for Problems Related to Fluid Flow”

Fiona Knoll (PhD)

Advisor: Shuhong Gao

Dissertation: “Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transformations”

Currently a Visiting Assistant Prof./Univ. of Cincinnati, OH


Lauren Lembcke (MS)

Advisor: Eleanor Jenkins

Project Defense: “Investigation of Decision-Making Methodologies in Water Resource Planning”

Currently a Data Analyst at Regenstrief Institute/Indianapolis, IN

Jing Li (MS)

Advisor: William Bridges

Project Defense: “Data Analysis of Diverse Learning Environment Survey Data”

Currently at Afiniti

Yan Liu (PhD)
Advisor: Chris McMahan

Dissertation: “A Bayesian Generalized Additive Model for Group Testing Data”

Currently an Assistant Prof. of Biostatistics in the School of Community Health Sciences/Univ. of Nevada, Reno

Muhammad Mohebujjam (PhD)

Advisor: Leo Rebholz

Dissertation: “Efficient Numerical Methods for Magnetohydrodynamics Flow”

Currently at Postdoc./Virginia Tech.

Emily Nystrom (PhD)
Advisor: Julia Sharp

Dissertation: “Predictor Omission for Linear and Logistic Regression Models”

Currently at Researcher at SPAWAR/Charleston, SC

Mengcong Ren (MS)

Advisor: William Bridges

Project Defense: “Choosing a Set of Gynecology and Obstetrics Courses for Medical Study in the Greenville Health System”

Currently a Consultant for ERP System

Javier Ruiz Ramirez (PhD)
Advisor: Vince Ervin

Dissertation: “Time-Dependent Stokes-Darcy Flow with Deposition”

Currently at Houston Medical Center/Houston, TX

Yanbo Xia (PhD)

Advisor: Robert Lund

Dissertation: “Parsimonious Space-Time Temperature Series Modeling”

Currently at State Street Bank & Trust/Boston, MA

Tao Yang (PhD)
Advisor: Colin Gallagher

Dissertation: “Adaptive Robost Methodology for Parameter Estimation and Variable Selection”

Currently a Postdoc. & Research Fellow In Bio-statistics at Fred Hutchinson Research Center/Seattle, WA

Fall 2017 Semester

Lauren McIntyre (MS)

Advisor: Chris Cox

Thesis Defense: “Finite Element Methods and a Web Based Calculator for Cross-flow Filtration at Clemson University”

Currently at Data Scientist at NASA Glenn/Cleveland, OH

Aaron Ramirez Flores (PhD)
Advisor: Mishko Mitkovski

Dissertation: “Localization of Generalized Frames in Hilbert Spaces: Symptotic Behavior of Compact and Toeplitz Operators, Sampling and Interpolation, Density Results”

Currently a Full-time Prof. of Undergraduate Math Program at University of El Salvador

Todd Fenstermacher (MS)

Advisor: Jim Coykendall

Project Defense: “Partitioning Parallel Adaptive Geometric Multigrid”

Currently continuing with PhD at Clemson University

Rui Gong (MS)
Advisor: Xiaoqian Sun

Thesis Defense: “Progressive Estimation for Exponential Distributions under Progressive Type-II Right Censored Samples”

Currently continuing with PhD at Clemson University

Kayla Javier (MS)

Advisor: Brian Fralix

Project Defense: “Hysteretic M/M/1 Queue with Random Phase Transitions”

Currently continuing with PhD at Clemson University

Spring 2018 Semester

Kara Stasikelis (PHD)

Advisor: Svetlana Poznanovikj

Dissertation: “Properties of Certain Markov Chains on Linear Extensions of Posets”

Currently Lead Data Scientist/Fifth Third Bank/Cincinnati, OH

April Thomas (PHD)

Advisor:Patrick Gerard

Dissertation: “Estimating Animal Abundance by Employing on External Experiment to Account For Detection and Count Bias with an application to Wintering Ducks in the Mississippi Allovial Valley”

Currently Statistics Coordinator/Clemson University/Clemson, SC

Garrett Dranichak (PHD)

Advisor: Margaret Wiecek

Dissertation: “Robust Solutions to Uncertain Multiobjective Programs”

Currently Senior Systems Research & Analysis Engineerat Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Yibo Xu (PHD)

Advisor: Warren Adams

Dissertation: “Convex Hulls, Relaxations, and Approximations of General Monomials and Multilmear Functions”


Nicholas Ahlstrom (MS)

Advisor: Brian Fralix

Thesis Defense: “Staffing Strategies of Queueing Systems”

Currently in Dunkirk, NY

John Grant (MS)

Advisor: Robert Lund

Thesis Defense: “Some Simple limit Theorems for the Lindley Process”

Currently continuing with PhD at Clemson University

Summer 2018 Semester

Prabhashi Wickramasingha Jayasekara Mererenchige (PhD)

Advisor: Chris McMahan

Dissertation: “Flexible Models for Analyzing Special-Structured Survival Data Using EM Algorithm”

Amy Grady (PhD)

Advisor: Svetlana Poznanovikj

Dissertation: “Generalizations of Permutation Statistics to Words and Labeled Forests”

Lecturer at the University of Florida/Gainesville, FL


Tianhui Wei (PhD)

Advisor: William Bridges

Dissertation: “Variable Selection for Big Data with Sparsity: An Application to GWAS”

Data Scientiest for Lowe’s/Mooresville, NC

Huixi Li (PhD)

Advisor: Jim Brown

Dissertation: “On Some Conjectures in Analytic Number Theory”

Postdoc at University of Nevada/Reno, Nevada


Yisu Jia (PhD)

Advisor: Robert Lund

Dissertation: “Models for Count Time Series”

Assistant Professor at University of North Florida/Jacksonville, FL

Mengying Xiao (PhD)

Advisor: Leo Rebholz

Dissertation: “Efficient and Accurate Splitting Methods for Flow Problems”

Visiting Assistant Professor at math Department of College of William and Mary/VA


Yinggu Bao (PhD)

Advisor: William Bridges

Dissertation: “Analysis of Time Series Data Embedded in an Experiment Design”

Biostatistician in Austin, TX

Xin Gu (MS)

Advisor: Patrick Gerard

Thesis Defense: “Model-Tree Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks”

Louisa Granzow (MS)

Advisor: Yuyuan Ouyang

Thesis Defense: “Model-Tree Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks”

Completing Master’s degree in Bremen, Germany

Lu Sun (MS)

Advisor: William Bridges

Thesis Defense: “Maximizing Airbnb Hosts’ Revenue in New York City”

Currently interviewing for jobs in San Francisco, CA


Boyoung Hur (MS)

Advisor: Robert Lund

Thesis Defense: “On Quast – Stationary Distribution of Stochastic SIS Epidemic Model”

Currently continuing with PhD at Clemson University

Jiajing Niu (MS)

Advisor: Andrew Brown

Thesis Defense: “Identification of Differences in Cortical Thickness in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Based on Race”

Currently continuing with PhD at Clemson University