Dr. Ardalan Vahidi co-authors new book

July 15, 2019

Mechanical Engineering Professor Ardalan Vahidi has co-authored a new book with fellow author Antonio Sciarretta. The book, Energy-Efficient Driving of Road Vehicles discusses how connected and automated vehicles are marketed for their increased safety, driving comfort, and time saving potential. With much easier access to information, increased processing power, and precision control, they also offer unprecedented opportunities for energy efficient driving.

Ardalan Vahidi’s new book (with Dr. Antonio Sciarretta as the lead author) covers the mathematics of energy efficient driving. Building on classical methods of powertrain modeling, optimization, and optimal control, the book further develops the theory of energy-efficient driving. In addition, it presents numerous theoretical and applied case studies that highlight the real-world implications of the theory developed. The book is mainly intended for undergraduate and graduate engineering students and industry practitioners with a background in mechanical, electrical, or automotive engineering, computer science or robotics.

Dr. Ardalan Vahidi