Jobs and Opportunities

May 18, 2022

Opportunities for Employment and Research:

Georgia Department of Transportation-Civil Engineering

Georgia Department of Transportation has openings STATEWIDE for graduates with a degree in Civil Engineering and graduates with a degree in Construction Management.  If you would like to learn more about either of these opportunities please visit  the following links:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or 770-533-1124


Mechanical Engineering Student Shop

The Clemson University Mechanical Engineering Student Shop is open to all students regardless of major.
We provide an environment to allow students to gain hands-on machining and fabrication experience
regardless of prior experience. The student shop is always looking to hire a few people each semester, if
interested in becoming a supervisor the information is below.

Want to become a supervisor? Here are the steps:
1. Let the general manager ( know of your interest in becoming a supervisor.
2. Complete all of your certs.
3. Upon completion of your certifications, your application will be reviewed by the general manager and the lab coordinator, Dr. Byrd.
4. If approved to proceed, complete a 10-hour shadowing of current supervisors. These are to be completed in sections of 2-3 hours a week.
5. Current supervisors will give you an “intern project.”
6. Upon completion of your shadowing, your application will be reviewed by the general manager and the lab coordinator, Dr. Byrd.
7. If your application is approved, congratulations! You will start working as a shop supervisor the next semester! If you wish to start sooner and if there is a demand for supervisors in the shop, exceptions may be made as well.

Please plan accordingly to how long the entire internship process takes:
General: ~30 mins
Green: ~2 hours
Blue: ~4-6 hours
Orange: ~4 hours

10 hours

Our website contains additional information and hours:


Thinker Program

Please see attached PowerPoint for more information!



Civil Engineering Positions

A client has some entry-level construction roles open for a 2-year project. The project is in Pennsylvania to identify and inventory all lead service lines .

Construction Inspector verification of water service line materials for Lead and Copper Rule Compliance verification of water service line materials for Lead and Copper Rule Compliance for utility infrastructure inspection in Pennsylvania.


  • Inspect water service line materials to verify presence of lead.
  • Communicate with Contractors, Utility Companies, Engineering Team, and occasionally, the Public regarding project status
  • Address any concerns about the project to  Contractors, Utility Companies, Engineering Team, and occasionally, the Public.
  • Prepare Daily Reports and Testing Documentation per project requirements.

Grads can email me at



We, Gelsy Torres-Oviedo ( and Douglas Weber (, just received funding from DoD STEM for the BRIDGE program ( and we would love to inform your students about it.

Briefly, the BRIDGE program is a multi-institutional (Pitt Bioengineering, Carnegie Mellon Mechanical Engineering, DoD National Laboratories) research training program created to increase the participation in higher education of individuals historically underserved or underrepresented in science and engineering.