Mentoring Spotlight: Dajonia Jackson

March 4, 2021

Name: Dajonia Jackson

Major: Bioengineering

Graduation: Fall 2021

Future Career Plans: “After graduation I plan to go to graduate school for biomedical engineering. I want to get my PhD. Once receiving my PhD, I want to join the industry.”

Biggest Impact of PEER&WISE: “PEER/WISE has shaped my whole college career. They were the backbone for my academics and social life. PEER/WISE helped eased my college stresses, gave me my lifelong college friends, provided lifelong mentors, resources, study aid, and opportunities like traveling abroad. Without them, I would have given up my dreams of being a Clemson engineer.”

Words of Wisdom: “If your dream was to be an engineer, don’t let Clemson’s rigor stop you. Use PEER/WISE for all it has to offer. You would be amazed at all you can do, the people you will meet, and the places you can go. The world needs engineers like you!”