Corn Update – 4/3

April 3, 2023

Soil moisture remains good across the state. Recent rainfall events have made planting and field operations a challenge in certain areas. Corn planted infront of terrential rainfall events (>3 inches) in areas of the state may warrant replanting due to soil crusting and saturated soil conditions. 

Corn growth and development is driven by heat unit accumulation. Corn requires approximately 90-120 Growing degree day (GDD) units from the time it is planted until it emerges. For example, corn planted in Blackville, SC on March 16th has accumulated 215 GDDs as of today (4/3). Corn that was planted March 31st has accumulated 45 GDDs as of today (4/3), thus the latter corn has yet to emerge. By knowing accumulated GDDs we can have a better idea of when to expect corn to emerge. Ultimately, going behind planters and digging seed to evaluate seed/seedling health will be the ultimate deciding factor on replant decisions. 

If you have replant questions or concerns, please reach out to your local Extension agent.