NAE Virtual Incubator: Register to Watch NAE against COVID-19 Pitch Competition on June 26th at 1:30 EDT

June 19, 2020

Preparing a Generation to Tackle the Grand Challenges

We invite you to join us live online, Friday, June 26 from 1:30-3:00 EDT, as the first set of teams from the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Call to Action against COVID-19 pitch their concepts to an Expert Review Committee of NAE members.

REGISTER HERE (in addition, media queries can be directed to Randy Atkins:; 202-329-1248)

The NAE’s virtual incubator is facilitating development of hundreds of ideas for ways engineering can help address various aspects of the current pandemic, catalyzing collaboration amongst a multi-generational range of engineers – from students in the NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program to cutting edge researchers in the Frontiers of Engineering program to eminent members of the NAE itself – as well as other disciplines.

The five initial presentations below will each be followed by Q&A with the panel. Audience members will have an opportunity to submit comments in an ongoing chat.

At-Home Diagnostics for COVID-19 Infection and ImmunityA single paper-based test, like a pregnancy-test, would show an instant color change if either you are currently or have previously been infected with the novel coronavirus.

More efficient and effective COVID-19 vaccine deliveryAn innovation to administer considerably smaller doses of vaccine using needleless delivery directly into the skin, where immunological response is enhanced, through a mechanism that could allow immunization of more people per batch.

Self-disinfecting N-95 masksTraditional masks trap COVID19 in filter fibers sitting directly atop the nose and mouth. As the virus accumulates, infection becomes increasingly likely. The proposed method would integrate a copper coating that is able to destroy both viral and bacterial pathogens without the need for manual disinfection.

Wearable Sensors for Remote Monitoring of COVID-19 PatientsA first-of-its-kind wearable bandage incorporating a wireless sensor that could monitor five vital signs pertinent to the COVID-19 patients, enabling better isolation of patients and enhanced data collection.

Handless Door OpenerAn international team of students, who met at a Global Grand Challenges Summit in London, will present a design for a foot-operated door opener compatible with lever and knob latch handles.


Questions about the event logistics should be sent to:

Randy Atkins
Director, COVID-19 Call to Action
Director, Communications/Media
“Engineering Innovation” on WTOP Radio
Director, Grand Challenges for Engineering project (“Because Dreams Need Doing”)
National Academy of Engineering
Cell: 202-329-1248

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