Clemson Fightin’ Tiger Conduct Their First APFT for the Spring Semester

February 23, 2017

Blog 4The morning of Jan 17th, the Fightin’ Tiger Battalion conducted their first APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) of the semester. Each semester the Battalion at Clemson completes three separate APFT events in order to assess the physical readiness of the Cadets training at Clemson. Along with mandatory PT (Physical Training) sessions twice a week, Army ROTC Cadets must pass their APFT in order to commission as Second Lieutenants.


The APFT consists of three events: First is the push-up, which measures the strength and endurance of the chest, triceps, a shoulder muscles. Second is the sit-up, which measures the strength of the core and hip-flexor muscles. Cadets have two minutes to complete as many reps, with proper form, as possible for each event. Following the push-ups and sit-ups is the two-mile run event, which measures the overall cardiovascular endurance of the individual as well as the strength and endurance of the leg muscles. In order to pass the APFT, Cadets must score at least 60% in each event. This APFT the Fightin’ Tiger Battalion had eleven Cadets score 100% in all three events, scoring a perfect 300.

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