NYC Art Trip DAY TWO – Friday, Feb. 22

February 26, 2013

NYC Art Trip by Lindsay Harris, ‘03

This trip was all about mixing it up; there is a really large group of seniors this year, and even after a few years of classes with each other I haven’t found a lot of time to get to know some of the other seniors well outside of my own photo classes. Right off the bat, Sierra who is a sculpture major asked Jackie drawing/painting) and me if we wanted to room with her for the trip, and that seemed to be the kick- start we needed.

Friday came, and so did five hours at the MET, which somehow wasn’t enough time.  We saw everything from Ancient Egyptian Relics, old masters like Van Gogh and Monet to giant, Chuck Close paintings. I had seen these in class over and over again, but there was absolutely no comparison to seeing them in person right in front of you. I had no idea how big the Chuck Close

painting would be or how realistically painted it actually was and I was amazed at how rich the colors of a Van Gogh were.


There was also something so neat about walking around with Sierra (photo: Left – Sierra Krammer, Right: Lindsay Harris)

and trying to remind ourselves and one another of where we had seen the artworks before or what we knew about them.

By the time it was time to go we walked out to see snow lightly falling on our walk through Central Park and that seemed to be the cherry on top. There was a mutual excitement among all of us as we discussed all we had seen and made recommendations to each other based on our individual styles within our own artwork.