Pretty/Tough Exhibit in the Lee Gallery

January 21, 2020

January 21 – March 5, 2020

In the current milieu of technological advance, information is distributed at an incessant pace and purposefully calculated for swift and continued re-consumption. “pretty /tough” examines the ways in which artists look beyond the facade to explore the by-products and effects of a globally connected world. Works in the exhibit investigate the seemingly traditional roles of nature, culture and the built environment but peer in from the edges defining alternative narratives to the conventional conditions of domestic, digital, economic and environmental histories.

Participating Artists

6 Black and white photographs on the gallery wall.

Michael Ashkin

“were it not for”

A28-piece gridded watercolor ofa rock like blockfloatingin water in the foreground, blue skiesin the background.

Cythnia Camlin

“Island of Ought and Naught”

Photographyof ahome in front of threenuclear steam towers lit by green street lights with a dark blue evening sky.

Julie Dermansky

“Home near John Amos coal fired powerplant in Poca, West Virginia”

Print of multicolored flat architectural-like shapes of different sizes appearing to explode into space.

Joelle Dietrick

“Sherwin’s Kinetic Contracts 21”

Photograph of apreserved Rhinoceros in a diorama. TheRhinoceros’s two tusks arereplaced bygray flat shapes.

Diane Fox

“Poached, Naturhistorisches Museum, Bern, Switzerland”

Sculptureof dark trim woodhinged together, wrapping a buttoned upholstery seat like form and cascades down the wall.

Stacy Isenbarger

“Floor Plan”

Pretty Tough exhibit installation showing a painting of bathroom sink with a green trashcan on a wall in the gallery.

Lori Larusso

“If you can Moonlight as the Tooth fairy, you can Participate in Collective Disappearance”

Video still of random lavender architectural forms of broken, lintels, stairs and blocks floating in a black space.

Michael Marks

“The Arcade”