Lab alumna Margaux Ascherl (Price) featured

Lab alumna Margaux Ascherl (Price) gets featured in Successful Farming As the program delivery manager, autonomy, at John Deere, Margaux Ascherl is challenging the stereotypes so that every girl knows a STEM career is within her reach and that gender should be the last thing on her mind.

[New Scientist] Will robots and AI take our jobs in covid-19’s socially distanced era?

Briefly quoted in an article describing how COVID might accelerate the adoption of AI/Automation. This trend towards automation and roboticisation isn’t new – but covid-19 is vastly accelerating it. “What this pandemic has done is make people extremely aware of hygiene and the need to distance”, says Richard Pak at Clemson University in South Carolina. […]

[Interview] Tech Tuesday: Grocery stores using robots during coronavirus

I was briefly interviewed about the use of robots in grocery stores during the pandemic: The need for social distancing has accelerated the production of robots to cut down on worker interaction. Robots can sort recycling and stock grocery shelves and ease workplace fears about contamination. However one researcher says automated technology shouldn’t replace people but work […]

Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation –

Recently quoted on the effects of the pandemic on automating potentially hazardous occupations: “Pre-pandemic, people might have thought we were automating too much,” said Richard Pak, a professor at Clemson University who researches the psychological factors around automation. “This event is going to push people to think what more should be automated.”

PUBLISHED: Factors that affect younger and older adults’ causal attributions of robot behaviour

Pak, R., Crumley-Branyon, J. J., de Visser, E. J., & Rovira, E. (2020). Factors that affect younger and older adults’ causal attributions of robot behavior. Ergonomics, (just-accepted), 1-49. Abstract Stereotypes are cognitive shortcuts that facilitate efficient social judgments about others. Just as causal attributions affect perceptions of people, they may similarly affect perceptions of technology, particularly […]

Robots and elder care — NYTimes

I was quoted in a recent story on the ethical dilemma of robots and elder care by Maggie Jackson: Many in the field see the tensions and dilemmas in robot care, yet believe the benefits can outweigh the risks. The technology is “intended to help older adults carry out their daily lives,” says Richard Pak, […]

Books: Coming soon and now published

Our book, Living with Robots is now published!  It is available here. The 2nd edition of our book, Designing Displays for Older Adults, will be released early next year.

Liberty Mutual Medal

Our recent paper was awarded the 2019 Liberty Mutual Medal. The IEA/Liberty Mutual Medal was instituted in 1998 and consists of a plaque (certificate), medal, and monetary award ($10,000US). This medal recognizes outstanding original research leading to the reduction or mitigation of work-related injuries and/or to the advancement of theory, understanding, and development of occupational safety […]

PUBLISHED:Detecting Automation Failures in a Simulated Supervisory Control Environment

Foroughi, C. K., Sibley, C., Brown, N. L., Rovira, E., Pak, R., & Coyne, J. T. (2019). Detecting Automation Failures in a Simulated Supervisory Control Environment. Ergonomics, 1–22. Link: Abstract The goal for this research was to determine how individuals perform and allocate their visual attention when monitoring multiple automated displays that differ in […]