PUBLISHED: Looking for age differences in self-driving vehicles: Examining the effects of automation reliability, driving risk, and physical impairment on trust

Full text link Self-driving cars are an extremely high level of autonomous technology and represent a promising technology that may help older adults safely maintain independence. However, human behavior with automation is complex and not straightforward (Parasuraman & Riley, 1997; Parasuraman, 2000; Parasuraman & Wickens, 2008; Parasuraman & Manzey, 2010; Parasuraman, de Visser, Lin, & […]

33 Questions Psychology Must Answer…

The American Psychological Association recently asked 33 psychologists to identify critical questions yet to be answered in their specific area of psychology. I had the honor of answering for the Engineering Psychology (human factors division): Leaps in technological evolution will turn simple tools into autonomous teammates that have the ability to communicate with us in ways that […]

Available Now: Aging, Technology, and Health Book

Technology has always been used by people of all ages to help manage chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes). However, it is increasingly being used by older adults for a wide range of health-related purposes ranging from maintaining fitness to leading a more engaged life (e.g., maintaining communication). This book will take a problem-centered approach to understanding how different knowledge and methods of human factors is used to examine older adults use of technology for health.

Our new edited book, Aging, Technology, and Health is now available!  The book is a collection of contributions from researchers on the leading edge of the topic of using technology for maintaining older adults health and well-being.  The topics range from current to future uses and application of technology.  Here is an exerpt: Technology has […]

Richard Pak receives Clemson Board of Trustees Award for Excellence

The Board of Trustees is proud to recognize the achievements and contributions of Clemson University’s faculty and staff. The purpose of the Board of Trustees Award for Excellence is to identify and acknowledge faculty and staff whose vision, accomplishments, and efforts have brought honor to Clemson University. Pictures of the event    

catlab alumni Margaux Ascherl (Price) featured in APA Monitor

Margaux Ascherl (Price) discusses her work at John Deere. The world’s population of 7.3 billion is predicted to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050, according to the Global Harvest Initiative. To feed all those people, global agricultural productivity must increase by 1.75 percent annually. One person working to drive this increase is Margaux Ascherl, PhD, […]

Human Factors in Everyday Life Symposium at APA 2017

Symposium chaired by Arathi Sethumadhavan (CORE HF) & Anne McLaughlin (NCSU).  Symposium participants were Mac Smith (Google), and Tim Nichols (Microsoft).  The 2017 APA Division 21 Program Chair was Richard Pak.  

PUBLISHED: Evaluating Attitudes and Experience With Emerging Technology in Cadets and Civilian Undergraduates

Our new research has just been published. The full text PDF is available by clicking here. Citation: Pak, R., Rovira, E., McLaughlin, A. C., & Leidheiser, W. (2017, April 10). Evaluating Attitudes and Experience With Emerging Technology in Cadets and Civilian Undergraduates. Military Psychology. Evaluating Attitudes and Experience With Emerging Technology in Cadets and […]