Dr. Jessica Kelly Joins ChBE Department

October 9, 2017

Jessica Kelly resizeThe ChBE Department welcomes Assistant Professor Dr. Jessica Kelly. Dr. Kelly’s research interests include Drug Materials, Biomaterials, and Nanotechnology.

She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University, after receiving her BS from the University of Virginia.

Professor Kelly’s research is centered on biomimetic and polymeric materials for drug delivery applications in neurodegenerative disease and other brain disorders. Her current research focuses on the development of advanced material amphiphiles to enhance enzyme delivery in neurodegenerative disease. In these efforts, Professor Kelly utilizes a variety of nanoparticle characterization techniques, as well as in vitro and in vivo therapeutic analysis, working at the interface of biology and engineering. Through careful development of biologically- relevant nanocarriers, Dr. Kelly hopes to bring next- generation nanomedicine with both disease-specificity and patient-personalization to the clinic.

Dr. Jessica M. Kelly Selected Publications

Kelly, J.M.; Martin, D.R.; Byrne, M.E. Polyethylene glycol-b-Poly(lactic acid) Polymersomes as Vehicles for Enzyme Replacement Therapy. Nanomedicine. Accepted.
Kelly, J.M.; Kelly, J.M., Bradbury, A. M., Martin, D.R., Byrne, M.E. (2017). Emerging Therapies for Neuropathic Lysosomal Storage Disorders. Progress in Neurobiology. 152, 166-180. PMCID: 27725193
Kelly, J.M.; Pearce, E. E.; Martin, D.R.; Byrne, M.E. Lyoprotectants Modify and Stabilize Self-Assembly of Polymersomes. Polymer. 2016, 316-322.
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Larsen, J.M.; Martin, D.R.; Byrne, M.E. Synthesis and Engineering of Polymersomes for Treatment of Lysosomal Storage Disease. Trans. Soc. Biomater., 38, 2014.