Dr. Blenner and Dr. Sarupria Receive Tenure

September 25, 2018

The ChBE Department would like to congratulate Dr. Mark Blenner and Dr. Sapna Sarupria, who have both received Tenure and been promoted to Associate Professor.


The Blenner Research Group uses biotechnology to solve pressing challenges in sustainable production of chemicals, nutraceuticals,

biopharmaceuticals, and biological sensors. Ph.D. and undergraduate students in the group have worked on problems of importance to basic scientific knowledge, as well as various stakeholders at the Department of Defense and NASA, and to the biotech and rending industries. In addition to teaching students to be critical thinkers through research, Dr. Blenner has taught upper level courses in reaction engineering, mass transfer and separations, and biomolecular engineering. Receiving tenure is an honor that will allow him to add a new focus on mammalian cell biomanufacturing, and allow him to contribute more to departmental leadership.

Sarupria’a group uses and develops computational tools to study a broad range of materials and phenomena that impact industries ranging from water purification to commercial aviation. The Sarupria group uses molecular dynamics simulations to study proteins, polymers and water at interfaces. In addition, the research group develops and uses advanced sampling techniques to study processes that are beyond the reach of straightforward molecular dynamics simulations. Using such techniques, they are studying heterogeneous ice and hydrate nucleation. Other research projects include the development of advanced sampling methods and software, multiscale modeling of fouling on water filtration membranes, and enzyme immobilization on polymer membranes. Dr. Sarupria teaches molecular modeling and statistical thermodynamics to graduate students and thermodynamics to undergraduate students.

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