ChBE Ph.D. Candidate, Sagar Kanhere, wins first place for poster presentation at SPE ACCE Automotive Conference 2019

December 5, 2019

Sagar Kanhere won the Best Poster Award at the Society of Plastics Engineers ACCE Automotive Composites Conference, Novi, MI, September 2019 for research entitled, “Petroleum Pitch-based Carbon Fibers With Modified Transverse Microstructure And Enhanced Properties,” co-authored by Dr. Victor Bermudez, Caroline Christopher, Dr. Sam Lukubira, and Professor Amod Ogale.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), through University of Delaware, has awarded Clemson University’s Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films (CAEFF) $ 2 million for carbon fiber research.


The project, led by Professor Ogale, is developing high-performance, cost-competitive carbon fibers for composite feedstock/manufacturing processes.