Coping with Online Learning during the COVID-19 Crisis – A Student’s Perspective

April 20, 2020

We are often faced with the unexpected in life. But no one could have foreseen the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on our students, faculty, staff, and our university.

The May 2020 commencement has been pushed to this upcoming summer or fall, our Ph.D. students are delivering their defenses via Zoom, our students and faculty are learning how to communicate and adjust to online learning, and our staff and student advisors are finding new ways to advise students electronically.

“For me, the transition to online classes has been fairly difficult,” ChBE Undergraduate, Emily Miller shared. “I learn best by being able to talk through challenging concepts with my peers and professors. While I can still do that to a certain extent, it’s not as flexible as being able to stop by a professor’s office for a quick question or as efficient as sitting in the student lounge working through UO lab reports with my group members.”

However, despite the challenges, Emily is finding a way to make things fun. “I also really miss talking to my friends throughout the day to break up my schedule. I am coping with all of this by using fun Zoom backgrounds. It’s an easy way to add a little light and laughter to a rather gloomy time!  Plus, I enjoy when my classmates (and professors) get a laugh out of them. Some of my favorites so far have been The Krusty Krab, a toilet paper aisle, and Rick Astley dancing.”

These circumstances have reminded Emily of one of her favorite quotes and she’d love to share that with our Clemson Family:

“When life gets tough and you’re faced with defeat, remember somewhere in the world a flower is popping through some concrete.” – Brad Montague

We will get through this!