Ph.D. candidate, Cabell Lamie, successfully defends his dissertation

December 17, 2020


Congratulations to Cabell Lamie for successfully defending his dissertation titled “Synthesis, Supercritical Fractionation, And Kinetic Modeling of Pyrene Pitch Oligomers” on November 24th.

Cabell’s research during his studies here at Clemson focused on developing and utilizing supercritical extraction techniques for furthering the fundamental knowledge in the field of pitch research, with a focus on modeling the reaction kinetics of pitch formation and determining how the oligomeric composition effects the bulk properties of the pitch.

Cabell is continuing his career at Clemson as a Post-doctoral Researcher for Mark C. Thies, his graduate advisor.  Here, he will continue his research in pitch fractionation and pass on the reins to the next pitch researcher in the Thies Research Group.

Cabell had this to say about his time here at Clemson; “I am grateful for the opportunity to do my PhD studies here at Clemson, and though it has been difficult and stressful, has made me feel ready for any challenge I may encounter in my career. I am excited to see what the future holds for me”