Catalysis for Sustainable Energy is Fertilizing Student Growths

August 23, 2022

Graduate and undergraduate students showcase their teamwork at the Annual Research Forum of Creative Inquiry at Clemson University.

Clemson students team up with other college students from South Carolina in 10-week summer research.

In Dr. Ming Yang’s group, the current research projects in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions to value-added products through thermal and electrocatalysis are sponsored by NSF, NASA, and ACS. These research projects have become a fertile platform for graduate and undergraduate students to pursue their individual developments and to serve our community. In the past 2021-22 academic year, student researchers from Yang Lab received eleven awards from Clemson University and external organizations to elevate their research outcomes. These include the Undergraduate Research Awards of Clemson University to John Yeager and Nicolas Glisson, the Palmetto Academy Research Awards to Bridget Bruce and William Howl, the Undergraduate Research Award by NASA EPSCoR for Julia Wood, Graduate Student Travel Awards of Clemson University for Ewa Chukwu, Zehua Jin, and Alexander Adogwa, the Kokes’ Award by North American Catalysis Society for Ewa Chukwu,  1st Place Presentation at the Annual Postdoctoral Symposium of Clemson University for Dr. Manjeet Chhetri, and Advancing Science Grant by NOBCCHE for Ewa Chukwu. Congratulations to the team!