18th Annual FoCI Poster Forum

April 26, 2023

Hundreds of Clemson students gathered at the Watt Family Innovation Center to share their research at the 18th annual Focus on Creative Inquiry (FoCI) Poster Forum on April 5-7. The event allows students to showcase their work and gain skills to help communicate their work to the general public. The three-day event featured 240 student projects.

Hundreds of students presented at 18th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry poster forum

FoCI Printed Poster Award

3rd place: “AI Prediction of Novel Autism Risk Genes by Genomic Data Mining”
Mentor: Liangjiang Wang, genetics and biochemistry
Students: Dany Rizkalla and Baylie Sisk, biochemistry; Snehal Shah, nursing; Tanner Street, chemical engineering

Clemson Student Research Forum

1st place: “Peptide Based Nanoplatform for Cas9/gRNA Ribonucleoprotein Cellular Delivery and Gene Editing?”
Mentors: Angela Alexander, bioengineering; Jessica Larsen, chemical and biomolecular engineering
Students: Joey Lavalla and Alyson Schwartz, bioengineering

For more information about any of the projects presented at FoCI and the Clemson Student Research Forum, visit the digital program.