Face masks required in Chemistry

May 29, 2020

To limit the spread of the virus in our department and in line with the current recommendation from the CDC (, starting May 6, everyone coming to Hunter Chemistry Lab will be required to wear a face mask and exercise strict social distancing measures. Everyone is also strongly encouraged to follow established prevention measures ( People working in other buildings (BRC, AMRL, etc) should contact the corresponding building managers.

We understand the hassle of having to make your own masks to work but please keep in mind that these masks need to be frequently washed so it is a lot simpler/safer to do it this way. If you bring a couple of those masks, you may swap them and take them home in a Ziplock bag for washing. If you need help, the following link contains instructions on how to make face masks either with or without sawing ( Many other tutorials are available. To help with this issue, the department has already purchased a small batch of masks from Fisher that can be used as last resource. This link that describes HOW to wear/discard face masks. The link also has a number of infographics that can be also used

Additional information, including plans to return to campus, can be found at 

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