Congrats to our newest graduates!

December 18, 2020

Following the announcement from the President Clements, we would like to congratulate the graduate students that have finished their Chemistry degrees this semester:

PhD Graduates:

  • Beau Brummel: Guanidinium Sulfation Crystallization: Strategy for Enantiomeric Identification and Diastereomeric Resolution (Advisor: Dr. Whitehead)
  • Zhuomin Lu: Preparation and Characterization of a Catalase-Mimic Organoruthenium-Chloride Complex (Advisor: Dr. Tennyson)
  • Chandima Narangoda: Electron-Rich Alkynes and Azodicarboxylates Chemistry Towards Vicinal Diamine Motif Containing Small Molecules and N-Heterocycles (Advisor: Dr. Whitehead)
  • Manjula Senanayake: Solvent as a Tool to Tune the Association of Structured Ionic Block Co-Polymers: Neutron Scattering and Computational Study (Advisor: Dr. Perahia)
  • Megan Sibley: Conformational Studies Pertaining to Richman-Atkins Cyclization of Azamacrocycle Ligands and Developing Routes for Efficient Synthesis of 3:1 Cyclens (Advisor: Dr. Wetzler)
  • Ashlyn Smith: High Sulfur-Content Materials from Free Fatty Acids (Advisor: Dr. Tennyson)

MS Graduates

  • Geoff Chesser: Substitution of N-Methy Piperazine by Morpholine in Hoechst 33258 Analogs and Biophysical Studies of Rich DNA Binding (Advisor: Dr. Arya)
  • Paige Reed: Analytical Applications of Pyrolyzed Cellulose Materials: Protein Adsorption and Electrochemical Detection (Advisor: Dr. Garcia)

We wish them all the best and hope they continue engaged with the Department

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