National Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week

April 5, 2021

In 1993, three students, Tony Rosati (Georgetown University), Gina Pearson (American University) & Anne Holt (Florida State University), all activists within NAGPS, wanted to find a way to physically manifest support and appreciation of the contributions, impact and value of graduate students. Their effort led to a cooperative initiative called National Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week. Tony & Anne also realized that bringing in the endorsement of each state’s government (via a Proclamation from the Governor) would assist in building greater media attention to GPSA Week.

Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week


Graduate students are behind every successful project and are a critical component of our department. As Dean Lopez said, Clemson would not be the R-1 research university it is without our graduate students and their research. Our highly valued undergraduate education benefits from the interactions with and mentorship of graduate students. You put in a collective 35,000 hours a WEEK as teachers of record, teaching assistants, research assistants and program assistants. Hundreds of undergraduates work on Creative Inquiry teams led by graduate students. Depending on the year, between 20% and 60% of named inventors on Clemson patents are graduate students. Your geographic and cultural diversity makes Clemson a more vibrant community. And you’re a primary reason Clemson has the statewide presence it does: hundreds of Clemson graduate students study primarily at a campus or facility other than the main campus.


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