Dr. Ashok Mishra Excels with Board of Trustees Award of Excellence and NSF Grant

March 5, 2019

The Clemson University Board of Trustees seeks to honor the highest level of scholastic or professional achievement at the national and international level.  Dr. Ashok Mishra is one of fifteen faculty to receive the 2019 Board of Trustees Faculty Award for Excellence which is given annually to faculty members who have either been honored by academic or professional societies at the national or international level with National Academy of Sciences “highly prestigious” award or have demonstrated exceptional achievements in research, teaching and service.

In addition to the Board of Trustees Award, Dr. Mishra \ received a National Science Foundation Research Award for Quantifying the value of information for sensor placements to improve soil signals for agricultural water management. Given the reliance of global food security on robust agricultural water management, there is a need to better inform and improve understanding of soil moisture signals in different types of environments. Such signals are an important input for agricultural water management. The lack of proper understanding of soil moisture signals remains a persistent challenge in sustainable agricultural management, especially during drought conditions. Developing such an understanding is the subject of this research.