Groundbreaking News

February 24, 2015

Underground Construction Hands-OnA group of civil students stepped outside the classroom for some hands-on learning in underground construction thanks to a neighbor who happens to be an expert in the field. McLaughlin Group, Inc., a leading manufacturer of trenchless construction equipment, gave the students a demonstration in identifying and marking underground utilities with the use of pneumatic boring tools. McLaughlin’s Vice President, Jeff Wage, lives a few miles from campus. “It gave student’s a real world experience,” said Wage. “They were able to see equipment run. They were able to speak with a global manufacturer and ask technical questions. The opportunity to see the things they’ve studied in the classroom in an actual setting is very valuable.”  Out of class demonstrations bridges the gap between university education and industry needs according to Dr. Kalyan Piratla, who teaches underground construction here in the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering. The demonstration was a great success and was featured in the December 14 Utility Contractor Magazine. Learn More

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