Dr. Nigel Kaye Receives International Award

March 10, 2015

Dr. Nigel Kaye has been awarded the Telford Medal for the best paper published by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) in the United Kingdom. The Institute of Civil Engineers is equivalent to ASCE in the United States. Each year, ICE Publishing acknowledges the best work published in ICE journals at the ICE Publishing Awards ceremony, held in London England.  The award honors authors from both industry and academia who have produced work judged by their peers to be of exceptional quality and beneficial to civil engineering and science.

Dr. Kaye’s paper The Influence of Room Geometry on the Overturning of Smoke Owing to a Floor Fire;  received “top paper across all submitted papers.  Authors were Brian A Giannakopoulos, Nigel B Kaye, and Gary R Hunt.Each paper is free to view on ICE Virtual Library.