Vijay Bendigeri Recipient of Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grant

March 10, 2020

Vijay arrived in Clemson as a Masters student in 2007.  His thesis research in Transportation was focused on highway safety. His master’s thesis was titled “Analysis of factors contributing to tree crashes in South Carolina”.  He continued to the PhD program in 2010 and was near completion when he experienced a life–changing crash of his own.

Vijay was hit by a vehicle (uninsured motorist) while riding his bicycle to campus and was hospitalized with serious injuries. After being released from the hospital, our civil engineering community became his family. Students and faculty helped re-arrange his apartment because of stairs. The community, shopped, cooked and planned fund raisers to assist with his every increasing expenses.  Due to his extensive medical bills and physical rehabilitation, Vijay had to withdraw from the PhD program and find employment to pay those expenses.

Now, ten years later, Vijay was able to re-enroll at Clemson after receiving a Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grant. This grant will allow him to complete his degree this academic year.  Congratulations Vijay! We are so proud of your perseverance and determination.  Welcome back to Clemson!