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June 12, 2020

As a Spring of uncertainty closes and a summer of a similar entity begins, these three interns will be making the most of their summer completing an internship under Communication Department Director of Undergraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer, Dr. Lori Pindar, Ph.D. These interns are gaining a variety of experience in the communication department including blog content creation, alumni outreach, interviewing, LinkedIn page management, construction of a student resource page, communication one pagers, creation of a departmental newsletter, and more.

Without further ado I would like to introduce interns Bridget Kane, Brooke Bailey, and Chandler Potts.

Bridget Kane   

My name is Bridget Kane and I am a rising Senior from Haddonfield, NJ, a small town in the Philadelphia area. I am a Marketing major with minors in Sports Communication and Science and Technology in Society. During my time at Clemson, I have been on either the President’s List or the Dean’s List each semester. Additionally, I am involved in the Sales Innovation Program and am currently working to achieve a Sales Certificate.

At Clemson, I am a member of the Women’s Varsity Rowing Team. Through being on this team, I have developed leadership skills, resiliency, and self-awareness. Through constantly conversing with my 60 + teammates, my coaches, and my advisors, I have greatly improved my communication skills and have learned how to tailor my communication style based on who I am speaking with. While on the rowing team, I have made the ACC Academic Honor Roll every semester, was a member of the 2018-19 All ACC Academic Team, was a 2018 – 19 CRCA National Scholar-Athlete, won the Most Improved Varsity Award in 2019, and earned a 3rd Place Medal at the ACC Championship as a member of the 2V8+ in 2019. Further, I am a part of Tigers Unite, a group of Student Athletes dedicated to fight social injustices and racial inequalities.
Before this internship, I was an intern at Campus Banner and Design where I transformed the social media platforms into spaces that properly represented the company brand. I will be able to use the skills learned in my previous internship to properly express myself on behalf of the Communications Department by keeping their brand in mind.
Having a virtual internship has actually allowed me more freedom to choose when I want to work which promotes more productivity. Additionally, since I only virtually meet with my mentor, Dr. Pindar, once or twice a week, she has given me the opportunity to make choices on my own without having to check in every step of the way. This internship is going to be a great opportunity to build professional skills necessary for my future employment. These skills will give me the tools to reach my career goal of working as a brand manager for a Sports Team or Sports Company.
When I am not participating in the above activities, you will find me running, walking or playing with my dog, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, or being on the lake on a boat, tube, or dock. But, if at all possible you will find me in the ocean. I loved to surf, swim, stand up paddle board, kayak, and just float through the waves. Even though there is no close by ocean and I am 12 hours from my family, I still have always felt at home in Clemson because of the Clemson Family and Tiger Pride.

Brooke Bailey file.png

Hello everyone! I’m Brooke Bailey, a graduate student in the Clemson MBA corporate program in Greenville. It’s so exciting to be interning for Dr. Pindar at the Erwin Center for Brand Communications … what an incredible opportunity to learn and challenge myself!
 In December 2019, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in business administration. My time at Clemson has shown me the importance and joy of networking and meeting new people, as well as the positive energy I feel from being around others. My immediate career aspirations include landing a position in sales or marketing/communications with a world class medical device or technology company. Another important part of my life is volleyball. I am a captain on the Clemson Varsity Volleyball team. Being part of a team and involved in sports has taught me so many important lessons and provided me with the values I hold today. Working in teams and interacting with my teammates on a daily basis gives me motivation and purpose. I have had the honor of being named Second All ACC and would not have been able to accomplish this without my teammates, coaches, and support staff.Community service and giving back is also very important to me. Currently, I serve as a mentor for new transfers on campus and try to attend as many community service opportunities as possible. When I have a little time to myself I love to read, paint, and take walks outside!  As you can see, my time at Clemson has been jam-packed with exciting opportunities and has required significant time management skills. As I prepare for the beginning of my career, I realize the importance of real-life experience and am extremely grateful to be part of this internship with Dr. Pindar. I look forward to expanding my knowledge of communications and challenging myself with the responsibilities I’m being given.

Chandler Potts file.png

My name is Chandler Potts and I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I will be graduating as a Graphic Communications major with a minor in Psychology in August of 2020. I love the outdoors and any activity that involves being outside for an extended amount of time. Give me a hike and a waterfall or a boat on a lake and you will get the very best version of me! At Clemson, I am a part of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority where I served as our Head on Nominations Committee and was a member on the Panhellenic Committee for four years.
I love the entire community that defines Clemson. My favorite part of our beautiful university is the attitude and people that are the body of the school. The feelings that Clemson creates provide an instant family for those in search. Before this internship, I worked as a Business Intern at High Spirits Hospitality in Greenville, South Carolina and as a Digital and Social Media Intern at Meier Real Estate in New York City. I participated in these internships to prepare myself for my dream job of working in brand strategy and development within the sports industry. Although there are many sectors of possibility within my dream job, my ultimate goal is to work in the marketing department for any professional sports league or franchise.
In terms of this internship with the Communications Department, I am really excited to build new skills and gain experience before entering the workforce. I am also incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to work and give back to Clemson after it has put so much into me as a person and student. The best part about being a part of the Communications Department is the support the professors and students provide. The amount of care shown for student development from communications professors and advisors is unrivaled.


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