Meet the Department: Dr. Erin Ash

October 16, 2020

Although we may be limited in our interactions, we definitely do not want to be strangers. Our Meet the Department series hopes to introduce you to our faculty and staff that support our undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Communication.

Meet: Dr. Erin Ash

Dr. Erin Ash

The next faculty member we would like to introduce you to is Dr.Erin Ash, Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor in the department.

Dr. Ash teaches using examples and discussions to get her students to be engaged and involved in her courses. This strategy is highly successful and leads to immense participation and learning outcomes and is especially fitting for her courses that relate to pop culture, political communication and media. She has found that strategy leaves her students thinking critically about the things they consume everyday in the media centered world we are currently living in.

Dr. Ash loves working at Clemson because of the amazing faculty, staff and students she gets to work with each day. She knows she may be biased, but believes that Clemson students are truly the best. Dr. Ash is looking forward to the informal interactions and relationships she was able to build and strengthen with her students when we are back on campus full time. 

Until we can safely return to campus in its full capacity, watch the video below to learn more about Dr. Ash and her tips she has for communication students.

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