Meet the Department: Dr. James Gilmore

March 24, 2021

Although we may be limited in our interactions, we definitely do not want to be strangers. Our Meet the Department series hopes to introduce you to our faculty and staff that support our undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Communication.

Meet: Dr. James Gilmore

The next faculty member we would like to introduce you to is 
Dr. James Gilmore, Assistant Professor of Media and Technology Studies in the Department of Communication.

Dr. Gilmore uses low stakes participation elements as opportunities to reflect on how they connect their personal experiences to the materials they are learning. In Dr. Gilmore’s class, you get what you give. Students who are willing to share their ideas and be a part of the system of the class will do much better than those who do not.

Dr. Gilmore misses the moments before class started where he could chit chat with his students and get to know more about their personal lives. He also misses students and colleagues coming into or even just passing by his office. Dr. Gilmore looks forward to all of the moments he used to take for granted that help build a classroom community when everyone is back on campus.  

Learn more about Dr. Gilmore and all he has to offer in the department below!


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