Student Spotlight Jasmine Lewis

June 18, 2021

Welcome to our Student Spotlight! We regularly highlight current undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Communication to showcase their unique endeavors and contributions to our department, campus community and the world.

Jasmine Lewis, senior sports communication major with a brand communication minor, hails from Atlanta, Georgia and is an active member of the Clemson Rowing team. Jasmine plans to graduate in May of 2022 but has made the most of her undergraduate experience, even with the interruption of COVID-19. Continue reading to learn more about how she has taken advantage of the University Professional Internship Co-Op Program (UPIC) and blended her academic and professional interests over the past year.


Since January, Jasmine has interned with the Erwin Center for Brand Communications through the UPIC Program (in partnership with Student-Athlete Development). The Erwin Center provides opportunities and insight to help guide and build the next generation of brand leaders. The program prepares students for careers in brand communication and focuses on professional development of future brand leaders. Links for both the


Recently, Jasmine assisted with the Erwin Center’s DIVE IN brand academy, a week-long immersive experience for college students interested in the field of brand communications.

DIVE IN is dedicated to advancing diversity in brand communications by enhancing the skills and abilities of future brand leaders. This was the third year of the program and Jasmine had the opportunity to run the Erwin Center’s social media throughout the week. Jasmine kept others informed on the work the scholars were participating in as well as what the brand leaders taught to the participants. Jasmine noted that, “throughout this experience [she] gained a stronger understanding of what it means to be proud of the work you do, how to brand yourself by the work you do, and how opportunities connect and grow within the industry.”


Jasmine said the insight she gains from working with the staff of Erwin Center has been the best part of the internship. She explained that the work she does is not just busy work, but actually work she can see her herself doing in the future. After college she would love to serve in the Peace Core for a few of years and then return to work for an agency or a company and help with their branding or social media growth. One area she has been able to hone during her internship are her technological skills. She has had the opportunity to learn how to design, create, and organize through the many different media platforms. Another skill she has picked up in this type of work environment are conversational and relational engagement. “I learn by watching [my mentor] during meetings and how she takes notes and goes and gets the work done efficiently… and learning to do work in better standards than everyone had anticipated.” Advice Jasmine would give to other students wanting to intern with the Erwin Center would be focus on time management and be ready to learn with every new project.


In addition to her internship this summer, Jasmine will be doing a cross country road trip with one of her friends. They will be flying into Arizona and touring National Parks like the Grand Canyon and visiting Salt Lake City as they drive back to Clemson, South Carolina.


Learn more about the program’s Jasmine is involved with by clicking the links below:


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