National Intern Day

July 29, 2021

This summer, the Department of Communication welcomed Hannah Hank, Jackson Moehler, and Abbie Panuccio as UPIC Interns! To celebrate National Intern Day, July 29th, these interns reflected over their summer and everything that they have learned. Keep reading to hear more about their specific tasks, favorite projects, and why they recommend Clemson UPIC internships!


Hannah Hank:

This summer my main role as a UPIC intern for the Department of Communications was managing the COMMunity Roar blog. My work included editing and uploading my intern teammates’ pieces to the blog. I specialized in creating the International Spotlight series to shed light on some of the great international student athletes studying and competing for the Clemson tigers. I loved having the opportunity to reach out to them, conduct interviews and work to authentically share their stories. I focused on detailing their journeys to Clemson, their adjustments to living in the United States and experiences since being on campus. I learnt about professionalism and workplace etiquette. With respect to content, I developed my journalistic writing by learning to maintain my voice as an author whilst respecting the responsibility of doing someone’s story justice. I hope that my series has exposed members of the Clemson community to our international diversity. I would definitely recommend a UPIC internship to other students to capitalize on this great opportunity to develop professional skills including self-awareness/management, flexibility, communication/collaboration in a workplace setting and receive great mentorship in their field. Thank you, Lori, for the awesome feedback and guidance all summer and to my internship team Abbie and Jackson!


Jackson Moehler:

Working as a UPIC Intern for the Department of Communications was a great first experience in a professional working environment. As an intern, my main role was to control all media sites for the department. This included Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. As the media intern, I was responsible for creating visual content for all accounts and coming up with different topics to discuss. One of my favorite projects for social media was creating visuals to celebrate National Ice Cream day! It allowed me to get digitally creative and also provide some fun information to incoming freshman learning to navigate Clemson’s social scene. I also had the opportunity to work on my writing and communication skills by conducting interviews and turning them into blog posts. I loved conducting the interviews because it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and work on my adaptability and analytical skills. This also helped me discover how much I love hearing other people’s stories and experiences, and then transferring that into my own writing style. I would definitely recommend a UPIC internship, specifically with the Department of Communication, to everyone because it is an amazing opportunity to expand your skills to a whole new level and work with amazing people. My mentor, Dr. Lori Pindar, helped me grow so much, not only as a professional in the workforce, but as a human being. Working alongside other interns as well gave me a new perspective on a professional working environment because you really have to focus on being flexible, collaboration, and time management. If you have the chance to become a UPIC intern, I would 100% recommend!


Abbie Panuccio

Coming into this internship, I was excited to work under a professor I have always admired and to also have the opportunity to grow as a young professional. I spent a majority of my time reaching out to young Clemson alumni who had graduated from the communications department so I could share their stories of success and show the endless possibilities ahead for current undergrad students. I also had the ability to begin coordinating a series that highlights the impact of students, particularly student athletes, serving the Upstate community. Community service has always been a passion of mine, and I was incredibly lucky to have a mentor that enabled me to run with my passions this summer even if they were not a part of my original job description. This internship pushed me to grow in ways I truly never expected. I was given the chance to collaborate with an incredible team, connect to Clemson alumni, and connect Clemson to several non-profits. But I think my biggest take away from this experience was that even as young professionals in undergrad, we should have the confidence to be bold in what we do because we have been given these opportunities for a reason.


If you were inspired by their summer experiences with the Department of Communication, or with UPIC as a whole, the department is looking for more interns for Fall 2021! Below is the link to the UPIC website that has a list of all on-campus internships as well as how to apply!



UPIC Internships Link:




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