Club of the Month: Clemson Event Planning Association (CEPA)

November 19, 2021

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Morgan Pinson, President of CEPA 2021


For the month of November we interviewed the president of CEPA, Morgan Pinson. Morgan Pinson is a senior Anthropology major at Clemson University. Morgan joined and became president of CEPA this year… I’d say that’s pretty impressive! As President, Morgan oversees all other executive positions in CEPA and strives to involve new members in the club.

CEPA began a few years ago. Due to COVID-19, however, CEPA is basically starting fresh this year with an entire new executive board and new ideas for the club! CEPA had an event last Thursday, November 11, 2021, where a guest speaker came in to talk about their experiences in working with conventions and companies– they shed light on the corporate side of event planning.


For their next event, CEPA has invited a past president of the organization to talk to members about her career and what it is like as an event planning professional!

For more information on the Clemson Event Planners Association, follow them on Instagram and take a look at their website, listed below:

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