Intern Insights: The Author that Won the Summer

August 31, 2022


Who is Colleen Hoover? 


 As school started winding down, Colleen Hoover was the first author I picked up. Since then I’ve been on a reading spree. I’m currently reading my 5th book by her and by the time this is published I’m sure I’ll be finished by now. Colleen Hoover is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of over 20 books. Her books cover a variety of genre’s including, young adult contemporary, romance, indie, even thriller. She’s the third most followed author on Goodreads, behind Stephen King and Bill Gates. Good reads is the “world’ largest site for reader and book recommendations” it allows readers to share books they love and find books that they’ll love. I love reading, especially in the summer. It’s one of my favorite forms of relaxation and entertainment. It forces me to slow down, be present, and enjoy the moment. While I love a good movie or tv show, sometimes I get tired of looking at a screen or just don’t want to at all.

Her most popular book right now “It Ends with Us” was written nearly 6 years ago, but has experienced a “surge” in popularity in 2021. All because of Tiktok! Tiktok has quickly become the new generation’s most used app which does wonders for propelling the success of young entrepreneurs, content creators, and even authors.

Below is my summer reading list and a great start to dive in to Hoover’s work. Check out more about this author online and through her storytelling–she’s amazing!

Summer Reading List: 

  1. It Ends With Us 
  2. Verity
  3. Reminders of him 
  4. Ugly Love

-Maylin Lindsey, Fall 2022 Intern


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