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Female Professor with international student
Ms. Ramirez testing a student

Emeritus faculty volunteers conducted the Clemson English Speaking Proficient (CESP) test on August 15 and 16 at the Class of ’41 Studio in Daniel Hall. The CESP test is based on a one-on-one conversation between the student and a Clemson emeritus faculty member who assesses the student’s command of English. The faculty member asks the student a sequence of twelve questions. Performance assessment is based by how effectively the student is able to express his or her answers in English. About two-thirds of the questions focus on normal everyday conversation with friends. The remaining questions deal with topics that are common when delivering instruction to undergraduates. Six faculty testers evaluated thirty-one international graduate students seeking to work in the classroom. The Emeritus College also manages the Conversations with International Students (CIS) Program in which international students are paired with an emeritus faculty mentor. The mentor and student meet in person weekly for informal conversations. This program is encouraged for all students taking the CESP. For more information about CIS or CESP, click HERE or contact Dr. Adolph Beyerlein, albrl@g.clemson.edu or 864-656-3990

Six professors
Emeritus faculty testers L to R-Front Row: Silvers, Ramirez, Cheatham, VanDerveer Back Row: Stevenson, Beyerlein

The Emeritus College would like to thank their faculty volunteers:

Dr. Harold Cheatham, Professor Emeritus of Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Dean

Professor and student sitting in chairs
Dr. Stevenson with a student before testing

Dr. Skip Eisiminger, Professor Emeritus of English

Barbara Ramirez, Senior Lecturer Emerita of English

Dr. Stuart Silvers, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Department Chair

Dr. Steve Stevenson, Associate Professor Emeritus of Computing

Dr. Don VanDerveer, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry



With a special thank you to Dr. Adolph Beyerlein, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, for his leadership as Chair of the Emeritus College Language Skills Committee.

Dr. Beyerlein standing in front of Daniel Hall pillars
Dr. Beyerlein in front of Daniel Hall
Dr. Beyerlein with a group of international students
Dr. Beyerlein with students