Emeritus College

2021 – 2022 Emeritus College Donor Honor Roll

The Emeritus College would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donations to the Emeritus College for 2021-2022. These donations provide undergraduate scholarships, Kennelly-Voss Endowed Emeritus Fund, the Debbie and Vince Jackson Endowment for Music, and Emeritus College programming initiatives!

Clementina Adams

Paul Adams

John Bednar

Adolph and Anne Beyerlein

Dave  and Priscilla Bodde

Joan and Michael Bridgwood

Farrell and Ann Brown

Harold and Arlene Cheatham

Donald L. Collins

Garnet  and Mary Craddock

Janet Craig

Michael  and Laurie Crino

Page and Di Crouch

Joe  Culin and Dana Anderson

Kim Dawson

Michael Drews

Chip and Diane Egan

Skip  and Ingrid Eisiminger

Ralph  and Linda Elliott

Michael S. Ellison

Lucy Eubanks

Jim and Mary Fanning

Terry Farris

Larry and Linda Gahan

Robert and Jan Geist

Victoria G. Gillis

Robert  and Martha Green

Joel Greenstein

Nicci Hanewald

Mary and Imtiaz Haque

Herlie  and Shena Hendrix

Susan Hilligoss

Bonnie Holaday

Robert  and Heli Horton

Verne W.  and Nancy House

Gordon Howard

Joan  and Mark Hudson

Robbie and Kevin Hughes

Almeda and Putt Jacks

Debbie and Vince Jackson

Gail Julian

Jack  and Christa Kanet

Yuji and Toshiko Kishimoto

Richard Klein

Patricia Knowles

Michael Kohl

Jane McLamarrah

Larry and Mary LaForge

Barb Lewis

Rose Lowe

Joseph (Dick) Manson

Jennifer McCalmont

Rob Roy McGregor

Donald and Janna McKale

John and Erika Meriwether

John  and Suzanne Morse

Rameth R. Owens

James and Kate Palmer

Wayne  and Cheryl Patterson

Gary and Connie Powell

Chris and Donna Przirembel

Virgil and Judy Quisenberry

Dan and Barbara Rash

Greg and Angela Reighard

Elaine and Roy Richardson

Coke and Tina Robbins

Charles B . and Ann Russell

David J and Ronda Senn

Thomas E. Skelton

Webb and Diane Smathers

Forrest Stegelin

Dolores Stegelin

Roy Stoddard

Bill and Sharon Stringer

Kinly and Kathy Sturkie

Karyna Szmurlo

Dennis Taylor

Ronald and Christine Thurston

Jerry and Sally Trapnell

Joe Turner

Amy Vogelgesang

John and Patricia Wagner

Sam and Xin Wang

Charles and Judith) White

Wes Williams and Sara Doornbos

Robert and Eva Williamson

Bruce and Dot Yandle

Art Young

Donna Reiss

Paul B. and Monica Zielinski