Emeritus College

2023 Class of I. Dwaine Eubanks Emeritus College Fellows

Joel Greenstein

In service to the Emeritus College, Greenstein has served as a member of the Emeritus College Advisory Committee as well as its chair from 2020 to 2021. During his time in this position, he made it his mission to fully fund the Kenelly/Voss Endowment at the $25,000 mark. The endowment was initiated in 2008 and for many years other funds were used to make the contributions awarded in the recipient’s name. Greenstein currently serves as the liaison from the Emeritus College to AROHE. He took over from Lucy Eubanks, who recommended Joel for this important position. Greenstein won the Paul M. Fitts Education Award in 2020 from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. In his nomination letter one student wrote: “Dr. Joel Greenstein has received Clemson University’s Industrial Engineering Professor of the Year so many times that the honor has picked up a colloquial nickname of the ‘Joel Greenstein Award ’”.

Imtiaz Haque

In service to the Emeritus College, Haque has led numerous bird walk programs for the Emeritus faculty. He has co-developed a non-credit course on birding and wildlife photography. Haque also encouraged and planned the Emeritus College’s first, of what the College hopes to be many, overnight adventures in Charleston, S.C. He has provided numerous photographs to the Emeritus College to publish as notecards for Emeritus College faculty. Haque was the founding chair of the Automotive Engineering Department and instrumental in the development of CU-ICAR.

Laura Shick

In service to the Emeritus College, Schick is a member of the Prison Interest Group. Her approach is to help by doing, not just asking. Shick reaches out to see what the next steps are. In doing so, she was part of the original task force that developed the first symposium that brought colleges and universities together from across the state to explore how we might serve incarcerated individuals. Shick was also a major contributor to the Memories and Moments: Reflections of Emeritus College Faculty.

Sam Wang

Wang serves on the Program and Planning Committee. He was instrumental in re-conceptualizing the space used by the Emeritus College for special interest groups. Wang also leads a special interest group on photography. He was also instrumental in the publication Memories and Moments: Reflections of Emeritus College Faculty. Without Wang, half of the images would not have met the requirements for the publication. In service to Clemson University, Wang continues to mentor graduate students by serving on masters and doctoral committees.

Steve Wainscott

Stephen Wainscott In service to the Emeritus College, Wainscott currently serves as a member of the Emeritus College Advisory Board. He also chairs the Program and Planning Committee. In that role he has developed several new initiatives including a virtual travel program. In this program, faculty, current and emeritus share their experiences and travel with recommendations for special “not to miss” sites, itineraries that work and even hotel and food ideas. Wainscott’s enthusiasm for future programs helps keep the Emeritus College current and interesting for its members.