TIGERS Advance Grant Accomplishments

While the NSF-funded TIGERS ADVANCE grant wrapped up this summer,  the impact of their work has permanently impacted Clemson.  It led to many institutional changes, one of which was the creation of Clemson’s first ever Office of Faculty ADVANCEment. We also saw changes in our faculty’s diversity over the course of this program.


The representation of women faculty among STEM assistant professor ranks increased from 28% to 37% and for non-STEM assistant professors the percentage increased from 40% to 45%.  The percentage of women full professors in STEM disciplines also increased, from 9% to 16 % and from 31 to 36% in non-STEM disciplines.  Insights from the assessment of qualitative data highlighted the value of gender-equity focused professional development events that built awareness of the need to mitigate and improve on these issues. Quantitative and qualitative data also revealed the positive impact of intentional efforts to provide education and training opportunities and to create policies and practices that create a more inclusive and equitable place for all faculty.

The Clemson Office of Faculty ADVANCEment will continue this work to support all faculty.