2022 Fort Hill & Hanover House are Open for Public Tours

June 7, 2022

Fort Hill is open on a regular schedule.

Hanover House is open on weekends.


  • Herron Evans says:

    I’m at an extended heritage of John C Calhoun’s slaves my great great grandmother Mary Jane Calhoun was born in the ownership of John C Calhoun I document this I’ve been to foothill in 2016 and talk to the curator my daughter and I Tamika Evans he gave us a tour of fort Hill the main house and Calhoun’s personal office in the back of the main house this is all the curator gave me a personal book that Hehad written he and another lady author had written concerning forthill

    • rosalin says:

      Thank you, Mr. Evans, for reaching out to Historic Properties. We very much enjoyed your and your daughter’s visit to Fort Hill. We hope that you may be able to return in the future. If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at: or call (864) 656-2475.

  • Donna Bianchi says:

    In the summer of 1972 our family stayed at an historic inn on or near the Clemson campus. It was large and white and did have an elevator. Does anyone know what the name of this building was?

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