Industrial Engineering

IE Student Eliza Macaulay wins first place in NC State Hosted 2023 IISE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference


This weekend, North Carolina State University hosted the 2023 IISE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. Clemson’s own, Eliza Macaulay, presented her research in the technical paper competition and won first place! She will be representing Clemson in the Mid-Atlantic region at the IISE Annual Conference in May. Congratulations, Eliza!

“I’ve been conducting undergraduate research with Dr. Thomas Sharkey for about three years. Through this research my focus has been on youth sex trading in Minnesota. My most recent project has involved constructing an optimization model to determine the type and quantity of a resource that should be placed in a Minnesota region to decrease youth sex trading. I got the opportunity to present this research when I attended the IISE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference this past weekend. While at the conference, I also got to meet other industrial engineering students and listen to multiple keynote speakers talk about different ways they use their IE experience,” said Macaulay.”