Industrial Engineering

The Bookshelf: Selected Refereed Journal Publications

File_002Industrial Engineering faculty and students have produced an impressive volume of high-quality journal publications since 2016. Although the entire list will not fit here, a sampling of those works is given below. These publications all involve at least one faculty member in IE, and many of them were led by doctoral students in the Clemson IE program. We are proud to list of sampling of their work.

Chalil Madathil, K., Greenstein, J.S., An investigation of the efficacy of collaborative virtual reality-based systems for remote moderated usability testing, Applied Ergonomics, to appear.

Devapriya, P., Ferrell, W., Geismar, N., Integrated production and distribution scheduling with a perishable product, European Journal of Operational Research, 259(3), 906-916, 2017.

Ekşioğlu S.D., Karimi, H., Ekşioğlu, B., Optimization models to integrate production and transportation planning for biomass co-firing in coal-fired power plants, IIE Transactions, 48(10), 901-920, 2016.

Krenek, R., Cha, J., Cho, B.R., and Sharp, J.L., Development of statistical convolutions of truncated normal and truncated skew normal distributions, Journal of Statistical Theory, 11(1), 1-25, 2017.

Li, S., Huang, Y., Mason, S.J., A multi-period optimization model for the deployment of public electric vehicle charging stations on a network, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 65, 128-143, 2016.

Lowe, J., Mason, S.J., Integrated semiconductor supply chain production planning, IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 29(2), 116-126, 2016.

Lozano, L., Smith, J.C., A value-function-based exact approach for the bilevel mixed integer programming problem, Operations Research, to appear.

Lozano, L., Smith, J.C., A backward sampling framework for interdiction problems with fortification, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 29(1), 123-139, 2017.

Lozano, L., Smith, J.C., Kurz, M.E., Solving the traveling salesman problem with interdiction and fortification. Operations Research Letters, to appear.

Marufuzzaman, M., Ekşioğlu, S.D., Designing a reliable and dynamic intermodal hub-and-spoke supply chain for biomass, Transportation Science, to appear.

Ozdemir, A., Cho, B.R., A nonlinear integer programming approach to solving the robust parameter design optimization problem, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 32(8), 2859-2870, 2016.

Phelan, K., Pearce, B., Summers, J., Kurz, M.E., Supporting vehicle option change management through a graph based visualization tool, Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, 17(1), 011004, 2016.

Phelan, K., Wilson, C., Pearce, B., Summers, J., Kurz, M.E., Configuration and options management processes and tools:  An automotive OEM case study. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 28(2), 146-168, 2017.

Pitts, B., Riggs, S., Sarter, N., Crossmodal matching: A critical but neglected step in multimodal research. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 46(3), 445-450, 2016.

Puro, S., Shen, S., Neyens, D.M., Factors affecting the hospital length of stay for individuals suffering from traumatic brain injury associated with motor vehicle crashes in South Carolina. Transportation Research Record, 2601, 84-89, 2016.

Ransikarbum, K., Mason, S.J., Goal programming-based post-disaster decision making for integrated relief distribution and early-stage network restoration, International Journal of Production Economics, 182, 324-341, 2016.

Riggs, S., Sarter, N., The development and evaluation of countermeasures to tactile change blindness. Human Factors, 58, 482-495, 2016.
Robinson, S.N., Neyens, D.M., Diller. T., Applied use of safety event occurrence control charts of harm and non-harm events: a case study. American Journal of Medical Quality, to appear.

Roni, M.S., Ekşioğlu, S.D., Cafferty, K.G., Jacobson, J.J., A multi-objective, hub-and-spoke model to design and manage biofuel supply chains, Annals of Operations Research, 249(1), 351-380, 2017.

Rowe, P.,  Ekşioğlu, B., Ekşioğlu, S.D., Recycling procurement strategies with variable yield suppliers, Annals of Operations Research, 249(1), 215-234, 2017.

Shen, S., Neyens, D.M., Assessing drivers’ performance in conjunction with non-driving task during automated driver support system failures. Journal of Safety Research, to appear.

Sefair, J., Smith, J.C., Dynamic shortest-path interdiction, Networks, 68(4), 315-330, 2016.