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Faculty and staff sought for collaborative research

The US Play Coalition is a non-profit housed within the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM). The Play Coalition is a partnership of individual, organizations and corporations that promote the value of play throughout life. Our membership is diverse – park and recreation professionals, educators, researchers, health scientists, landscape architects, business leaders, psychologists, physicians, parents, artists and many more.

Currently we are looking to broaden our research efforts by creating a working group for play research at Clemson University. We are looking for a cross-section of faculty and staff across all disciplines to approach play research from a variety of perspectives. We currently have faculty involved from both PRTM and the School of Education, and we would love to broaden our scope. If you would be interested in joining our play research working group, please send an email highlighting your relevant research interests to Dr. Fran McGuire, chair of PRTM at We will have our first official convening in the coming months.