SMD (Structural Materials Division) Young Leaders Professional Development Award 2015

July 22, 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Porter!

Dr. Porter has won the SMD (Structural Materials Division) Young Leaders Professional Development Award for 2015. He was presented the award during the annual TMS (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society) meeting held in Orlando, FL on March 15-19.

“As a relatively new and active member of TMS SMD, I am honored to be recognized for the YL award. I have found the resources and opportunities provided by the TMS foundation to be very beneficial toward the advancement of my career as a new assistant professor. TMS has been an excellent platform for me to share my cross-disciplinary research in materials science, biology, and mechanical engineering, primarily through presentations at the annual TMS conference and publications in JOM. This past year I volunteered to co-organize the biological materials science symposium, which I have found to be a great experience, allowing me to network with other prominent researchers in my field and contribute to the overall program organization (introducing new topics of interests). I enjoyed attending TMS conferences in the past, and I very much look forward to attending this year. I would like to thank the TMS foundation for this award and I look forward to actively participating in future TMS activities.” – Dr. Porter

Award details from TMS:

Award Criteria – TMS strives to maintain a balance among applicants from industry, government, and academia. Applicants must be current TMS members in good standing. Candidate may not reach his/her 40th birthday by December 31 of the year in which the application is made. Previous Young Leaders Interns, Young Leaders Professional Development Award winners, and students are not eligible to apply.

Criteria to be considered by the division’s selection committee are as follows:

  1. Active participation in Young Leaders activities
  2. Interest in participating as a member of a division technical committee
  3. Willingness to lend support to current and future TMS activities
  4. Ability to be responsible and honor commitments
  5. Possession of leadership skills
  6. Availability to attend the TMS Annual Meeting

Award Recipient Responsibilities – Each award recipient is expected to actively represent the division by serving as a judge for division-sponsored student events at the TMS Annual Meeting. These events include the TMS Materials Bowl (held all day Sunday) and the Technical Division Student Poster Contest (held Monday late-afternoon). Recipients are expected to work with the division by attending their representing division’s council meeting and division lunch. This will be accomplished through ongoing communications throughout the year and on-site at the meeting.

The Young Leaders Professional Development Award provides an opportunity for young, professional members of TMS to advance in the field of materials science through participation in society activities. Through interaction with TMS division leaders, young individuals participate in the decision-making and long range planning of the society. The program’s purpose is two-fold:

  1. To enhance the professional development of young, dynamic and committed members through leadership opportunities and networking
  2. To foster an appreciation and desire among young members to play an active role in TMS and advance to volunteer leadership positions in the society in the future

This award is funded by/through the TMS Foundation