National Association of Plant Breeders Conference (NAPB2023)


Graduate Student Professional Development Workshop 

July 16 from (8:30am—3:00pm EST) 

NAPB meeting 2023 Host: Clemson University – Registration through NAPB meeting site.

Attendance limited to 60 graduate students.

Sponsored by Bayer Crop Science® and Corteva Agriscience™ 

The purpose of this workshop is for graduate students to better understand and learn specific skills that are generally useful in life but specifically when working in industry and looking for a successful development of one’s career. The workshop is free of charge to invited graduate students participating in the NAPB Annual Meetings. 

Highlights of this workshop include:

  • Learning skills to help balance workload and prioritize tasks
  • Manage to have a healthy balance between work and life. 
  • Understand the why and the how in relationships at work 
  • Interact with course participants to share your story 
  • Gain insights from a panel of industry representatives including recent graduates on their experience. 

NAPB Breeding Tools Workshop 

July 16 from (8:00am – 12:00pm)

NAPB meeting 2023 Host: Clemson University – Registration through NAPB meeting site.

 Attendance limited to 60.

Sponsored by the
National Research Support Project 10 (NRSP10) , USDA NIFA SCRI Award #2022-51181-38449 and the Breeding Insight Project

The goal of this workshop is to familiarize breeders with three important breeding tools: the publicly available Breeding Information Management System (BIMS) for managing breeding data, the Field Book App for phenotype data collection, and the Breeding Insight Project. The workshop is free of cost for participants attending the NAPB Annual Meeting. 

Workshop highlights: 

  • BIMS training 
  • Setting up and using Field Book  
  • Overview of Breeding Insight 

Breeding Tools- Redbud Delta Breed Hands on Session