COFFEE: Accessibility

March 8, 2021

Join us for our next COFFEE course, all about accessibility in course design!Purple Tiger logo holding a coffee mug

Starting Monday, March 22, Clemson Online will be offering COFFEE: Accessibility. This is a four week asynchronous and interactive course which guides faculty through activities for making their course design and content as accessibility-friendly as possible. The skills learned in COFFEE: Accessibility will benefit all learners in your courses, but the main focus will be on designing course content to accommodate learners with disabilities, while demystifying the process a little.

COFFEE: Accessibility will cover the following topics:

  • foundational rules of student accessibility at Clemson
  • making accessible Canvas sites
  • creating accessible printed materials
  • how to caption videos
  • and more!

You can register for COFFEE: Accessibility in Tiger Training.

Have questions? Contact Sharyn Emery at

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